• How can I order food?

You can order food online through MELIS KITCHEN APP or , on the platform DELIVEROO , TALABAT , ZOMATO , CHATFOOD or by phone or by Instagram message or through our website

• What is a Weekly meal Plan ?

Weekly meal plan is a concept that exists since long time . Instead of ordering your food just before you eat , just plan it for the day , the next day or the full week . An easy concept to PLAN YOUR WEEK MEALS . This will allow you to buy healthy food at good prices with good quantities for 1 person or the whole family , and on the top with a great money value

• What is a FAMILY SIZE MEAL ?

What is better then a Family eating together or a small gathering on a diner or lunch ? Dine with your family while ordering healthy big quantiy of food in large platters that can be shared in many portions , rather than individual platters . Benefit from a great value of money and let each member on the table enjoy the meal

• Why to order a weekly meal plan ?

You can order a weekly plan for many reasons . First , this will allow you to plan your food and eat healthier
Secondly , no time for grocery and cooking ? then order a variety of fresh meals that you can either eat immediately or just freeze for the next days . Melis’ is producing bigger quantities , allowing you to get better rates for the same meal that you order on normal delivery . You eat better , you plan and you save …

• How to eat healthy ?

The food we eat have big effect on our health and life . Don’t let yourself starve and then think of what to eat …Eating heathy is everyone target so start to plan your meals and make it ready for the minute you feel hungry ! A weekly plan can show you how to organize yourself and stay healthy

• How to eat and not gain weight ?

Many persons start a diet plan and then quit it and return to their old habits ..But eating healthy can be easy , inexpensive and without diet . You just have to learn how to create and choose your nutrition . Take few minute every week and plan your meals for the whole week by making a better everyday food choice .

• How to control calories ?

The key to stay heathy is balance . By designing a meal choice it allows you to eat what you want in an organized way with lots of essential nutritients without ending up hungry and accumulating calories ! Remember always balance the number of calories you eat with the number of calories you burn !

• What is family size cuisine ?

Family size cuisine is a family style dining , which mean a LARGE format of dining , where food is offered in a LARGE quantity to be shared and not only eaten individually .. Let your family or friends share with your platter with a warm ambiance and excellent taste !

• Why to order a meal plan or weekly food ?

If you are looking for a convenient inexpensive way to eat healthier everyday , then start to plan your food for the week by ordering a weekly plan meals . Don’t wait to be hungry , prepare yourself with the best dishes you love in advance !

• Is it cheaper to order family size meal plan ?

Planning your entire week food allow you to plan your budget and benefit from many deals .. Save time from going to grocery and thinking what to eat in last minute . Order your meals weekly for yourself or for the whole family and benefit from large quantity and great value deals that we offer to our clients

• Can I freeze family size orders ?

Fresh cooked food can be safely frozen for weeks or months when it is kept in safe recipients that limit the amount of outside oxygen . you can also wrap your recipients with a plastic wrap if u are planning to store the dish for long time . The leftovers from refrigerators can be freezed within 3-4 days .

• How long can I keep family size meal plan or weekly food meals ?

Fresh cooked food or left overs can be safely kept for 4-5 days in refrigerator depend on the type of food . If you think you will not be able to eat them in that time , then freeze them . Always remember to wrap well your food when stored .

• How to heat and serve family size meal plan ?

Refrigerated food can be heated in microwave or in the oven at sufficient high temperature then to be served
If you don’t wish to eat all portion ,you can just heat the quantity you will eat .Frozen food need to be defrosted before you heat them .

• Is weekly meal plan good for my diet ?

A weekly meal plan is made to plan the meals in advance and organize what you wish to eat you without falling in last minute hunger and start to go into quick or junk food and gaining weight . It is good to select them and know what to eat and place them in fridge so they are ready when you want

• How much calories is in a weekly plan meal foods ?

Every person daily calories depend on their daily meal and activity , while a lunch or diner can varie from 300-500 calories.
When ordering and choosing your dishes in advance you can control your daily and weekly calories and have a healthy weight .

• Can I do a diet and order food ?

Sure you can diet and order from outside , specially if you know what to order as a meal . Keeping yourself till you get hungry let you order anything in last minute due to crave you feel . Plan your meals and plan your nutrition .

• Can I order just for 1 day food ?

Yes sure you can order for one day or for multiple days . The order should be done one day before , as the food is prepared fresh and we need to get the fresh ingredients to prepare all and send it to you the next day , ready to eat

• Is there a minimum quantity to order ?

80 aed is the mnimum order for delivery , but the more you order the more your money value will be better as family size . It all depend on how many persons will share the food . You can also still pick up your meals on curbside

• How long a family size meal takes to get delivered ?

The delivery will be scheduled to arrive the best day of your order .You just have to order one day in advance and we will make sure it will be on your doorsteps next day fresh !

• Is Delivery free for Weekly meal plan order ?

Yes the delivery is free with a minimum order of 80 aed for the weekly meal plan . You just choose , order and we take care of the rest to let you enjoy a nice dish choice !

• How can I order a weekly meal plan ?

Ordering a weekly meal plan has become so easy . You can order it online , or by phone or by what s app . MELIS staff will be ready to serve you !

• Are Frozen meals healthy ?

Frozen meat are definitely safe to eat , when stored in freezer .
If conserved right , in an airtight container , the frozen food can be as good as fresh . Frozen meals has to be defrosted before eaten

• How long can I keep frozen food ?

In general , Frozen food can stay up to 3 months in our home freezer , when maintained in a good condition and are safe to eat .
Heated food can be safely refrozen if not gone above 40 degree .

• Can I have a discount for bulk orders of family size meals ?

Sure , a discount , deals or free meals are applicable when you order bulk or weekly meals from Melis kitchen . We have many ways to bundle items and let the customer benefit from that , while enjoying to plan all their weekly food meals

• How can I pay ?

Payment has become so easy with the technology . You can pay online via credit card , through our website or wireless payment on fone , or directly to the delivery boy . Also cash payment is accepted if preferred by the client , while we encourage contactless payments

• When to order a weekly meal ?

You can order a weekly meal anytime from 8 am to 10 pm by what’s up , online or just phoning us . However we will only deliver you the next day as all our meals are cooked fresh like at home . So we have to order the ingredients , cook them together then deliver you … This is why we require 24 hours to do a good Job !

• What I do with all food when received ?

When the food is received , store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat . If u wish not to eat them in the coming days , you can store them in freezer so they stay longer and safer .
You just need to heat the food before eating or serving

• What catering we offer ?

Catering is all about food taste ! Melis Kitchen provides food and desserts that make a huge impact on any occasions , birthday , parties , meetings or simple family gathering . We offer a full buffet or canape service to please your guest .

• What is the budget I need to cater an event?

Melis kitchen can cater your occasions with a great value budget that can let none of your guest leave hungry ! We can help you to make the great choice of a selection of food and deserts that can please everyone without paying highly . Usually the price is quoted per person and can differ based on the style and food requirement , but we adapt to all budgets

• What is the difference of MELIS Kitchen with other caterers ?

At Melis Kitchen we Care and are very flexible ! We design the menu with our guest and make sure that the food will arrive on time to your event. What make us different is how our food is prepared . Our food is freshly done , safe , with an excellent taste and great quality !

• What is the size of parties we organize ?

At Melis , we can cater and organize all kind of events, from the small family gathering to the big parties with a large number of people . Our specialist will be helping you to set all in place with your order to the best set up . However at Melis kitchen we focus on family style catering food !

• What food we offer for Catering ?

We offer all kind of food from the Arabic to the international cuisine , in a different style . From the small appetizers , finger food to the big meals and plates . we have different variety of choice starting from the salad to the main dishes of each cuisine !

• How to order or book an event ?

With Melis Kitchen , organizing an event becomes so easy . Just let us known what type of event you need to host , with the guest number and an approximative budget . Our specialist team will build the best for you for an excellent set up .We will be available online or via whats app or email

• What is included in a catering event ?

The planning of your customized menu , the catering , the cooking and the delivery will be all included for your event .
We , at MELIS kitchen can also help you with all the set up of tables , chairs , utilities , decoration and events entertainments …

• How long in advance I should order an event ?

All depend on how big your event is .The more your number of guest is big , the better to order in advance . But a proper preparation can save you time .