A great concept that will allow you to organize your MEAL plan for 1 day or more . At MELI’s we have decided to allow our clients to benefit from bulk sized orders for the whole family , a gathering with friends , or just to eat lovely food in 2 , 3 portions over 2 -3 days.

The concept is simple here , we offer nice quantities allowing you to order for 1 day or for the whole week . We took care of quality , prices , and convenience . Most of our meals are good to eat for 4-5 days chilled , and most of them can be freezing . Frozen food stays in excellent quality can last more than 3 months …

Should you need special requests do not hesitate  , we will do our utmost to satisfy you :

  1. To plan your meal
  2. To eat healthy and with variety 
  3. To get a delivery with all DUBAI / Sharjah within 24h 
  4. To freeze the food if you do not want to eat immediately 
  5. To Save money 
Family sharing a dinner

Browse our list of meals ,the variety is here, and we keep increasing it …  From Lebanese , Italian , French, Asian choices you have it almost all there … We always also keep adding new items to keep your choices rich and variable. We insist on the HOME cooked style we have , we pay attention on the fat quantities and the quality of the ingredients to produce healthy choices preserving quantities of calories and keeping in mind that our customer are all diet orientation needed .

Our Parties and Gathering section will describe you our catering capabilities and do not forget to browse of instant MENU , that we deliver immediately within 30 -45 minutes.